Ontario Beach Park Program Committee, Inc.Established 1984

The Ontario Beach Park Program Committee (OBPPC) is dedicated to providing and expanding family entertainment/events at Ontario Beach Park, the Rochester harbor and the lower Genesee river area with the cooperation of local, state and federal governments.

The Ontario Beach Park Program Committee is comprised of representatives from non-profit organizations from the local Charlotte area, City of Rochester and County of Monroe.

There is NO PAID STAFF…all of the officers, directors and workers are VOLUNTEERS!

History of the OBPPC

The roots of the Ontario Beach Park Program Committee were planted in the year 1981 by the Charlotte Community Association and the Charlotte Area Business Association. The Program Committee was formed to support the re-development of the beach, harbor and lower Genesee River areas. Later the committee expanded to include the Charlotte-Lake Ontario Kiwanis Club, Lighthouse Society, Marine Volunteer Fire Department and the Friends of the Rochester Carousel. These six-non-profit organizations formed the Ontario Beach Park Program Committee in cooperation with the City of Rochester and the County of Monroe, who assigned representatives to the Committee.

In the next two years the committee expanded the programs at Ontario Beach Park. In 1984, this committee served as the nucleus for the planning of Tall Ships Festival, a major event and the largest for the City of Rochester’s Sesquicentennial Celebration. As a result of the Tall Ships Festival, the community brought renewed interest to the beach and the harbor area. The OBPPC recognized the need for year-round entertainment and activities for families. Programming that is sponsored and funded by the Committee is responsible for approximately 300,000 of the 500,000 annual visitors to Ontario Beach Park.

The OBPPC has been recognized for its service to the community by the NY State Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the Monroe County Legislature, the Mayor of Rochester and Rochester City Council.

The OBPPC adheres to all City, County, State and Federal laws and ordinances. It also a 501[c]3 not-for-profit corporation registered with the State of New York and the IRS.

Every year, the committee increases its community programming. All monies raised are put back into activities and improvements for the beach and harbor area.

Goals of the OBPPC

  • To expand out positive working relationship with the county of monroe, the city of Rochester and other agencies dedicated to the improvement and development of the beach and harbor area.
  • To provide family entertainment to the general public within the Ontario Beach Park and the Rochester Harbor areas at little or no charge.
  • All donations received form the public and private sectors are used for providing entertainment, improvements and operational expenses related to the above goals.

Some of the activities planned for this year are: 

  • The Lake Ontario Lakeside Winter Celebration
  • Ontario Beach Kite Flight
  • Wednesday Evening Wegmans “Concert By The Shore” Series
  • Flower City Kids Planting & Picnic
  • Summer Celebration & Car Show
  • Spring and Fall Big Band Dance Series
  • The Fall Foliage Festival – Romancing the River
  • National Night Out Against Crime Community Event

The Ontario Beach Park Program Committee finances these events by fund raisers, individual and private contributions, corporate sponsors and grants. As a result of these efforts many of the above activities are FREE to the public. In addition, the committee co-sponsors other activities with charitable organizations. At each of these activities, the committee provides food concessions, in particular the Rochester Harbor Festival, which generates a major portion of our budget.

The committee’s accomplishments to date have provided the majority of the year round family entertainment at the beach and in the harbor area. These extremely popular and successful activities include entertainment, recreation, and educational programs for families.

For any questions regarding OBPPC events, please email: